Earth is the abandoned former home planet of the human race. It is estimated to be completely unsuitable for life somewhere around the 2600s. In the meantime it can still be visited and a couple of hundreds of thousands of people reside semi-permanently, mostly employed by the UNME to do the ground preparation work for the collection of objects, wildlife, buildings and resources that are to be transported to New Earth or other UNME territories.

Earth is under the command of the UNME. The individual countries have officially given up their respective former earth territories, and have settled on New Earth.

Most of the flora and fauna have been transported to New Earth or Moqa, and most transportable or important buildings have been either wholly transported, or deconstructed and reconstructed at New Earth. Large parts of the flora; forests, coral reefs and comparable things are carefully transported to New Earth. This has not always been succesful, and therefore replanting efforts at New Earth are accountible for at most 30% of the current flora of New Earth: most nature has been cultivated, and is scheduled to become more wild over time.