First Contact is the name given to the discovery of the existence of the Moqan race by the human race. First Contact happened in July 2067. A team of Opole and Feidhir scientists had emitted a signal, that was picked up by earth. Earth, capable of interstellar travel since the 2050s, visited Moqa in 2068, and was welcomed by the Moqans.

The Moqan hydrofrequent signal detailed the coordinates of their own home planet, the intention of the message, the request to make contact in return, and an invitation to Moqa. After months of intermittent contact between the two civilizations, the news was publicized by the UNSA-NASA, and spacecraft currently visiting a nearby star using hydrofrequent force were redirected to the Gana system. Contact was established, and terran objects were exchanged for Moqan objects.