The Gana system is a solar system. It has a planetary system consisting of 12 planets, of which most are inhabited. Only 2 are suitable for life, however, and man can only survive with the help of adaptations on the other planets of the system.

Gana is a moderately sized star about the size of the sun. The twelve planets orbiting Gana are, in order of distance to Gana itself, Gozo, Halim (New Mercury), Chassaigu (New Venus), Moqa, New Earth (Talad), Kinat (New Mars), Ea (God's Lair), Sol, Taramchessai, Betu (Dutu I), Dutu II and Dutu III.

The Gana system has been through a cycle of star shifts over the course of 21,000 year. These cycles ended approximately 600 years ago.

The planets of the Gana system are rich in various resources useful to mankind. Both the 34 moons and the 12 planets are, with a few exceptions, mined for their ores and minerals.