Gossa (alternatively called Hukraneban Gassa) is a traditional Cassaian dish that is served on the Holy Day (Casmetimu) and a few other days during the Cassaian year. It consists of fruit filled with chocolate, served in rolls of dough. As it is difficult to prepare and traditionally only eaten a few times per year, it is not a very common dish in Cassai. Still, it is considered one of the most important recipes from the Cassaian cuisine. 

Sweet, sugary food is not a common sight in the sober, Cassaian kitchen, and therefore it is considered a special treat, very popular with small children. In neighboring countries, variations exist, and sometimes Cassaian Gossa is sold in Cassaian groceries abroad.

Gossa is eaten from a large, decorated plate, and accompanied with alcoholic beverages (for the adults) and lemon juice (for the children). It is covered in cacao powder and popped rice, and sometimes served with syrup and fruit juice. It is enjoyed as a main dish, and a special prayer is said on Casmetimu when Gossa is served.