Gozo is the closest planet to Gana, the sun of the Gana-Solar system. The planet has a reddish-brown color and is covered by a rocky, arid crust. The planet was named after the Opole word for campfire, Gözo. It is inhabited by a team of 16-20 researchers that study the sun and the possiblity to built a interplanetary communication hub on the planet. Due to the extreme circumstances on the planet, population numbers remained extremely low and stable. The current inhabitants inhabit a small base which they cannot leave without the protection of a G-ESHTVG.

Gozo isn't mined for resources except scientific samples, and doesn't serve any direct economic benefit for the Nation of Mankind, but continues to be populated for the sake of science, and practical military applications (such as being the location of a GSS Beacon and a PTT).