The Hermes Network is a ultrafast data transmitting network (UDTN) that is used to send and receive data through deep space. It allows for communication on interstellar level, and is used for the Internet, Milinet and many other networks. It makes use of superdensity patterns that can be detected through deep space and subsequently transmitted in a matter of seconds. The Hermes Network was established using special data stations orbitting the countless stars within the UNME realm.

Data is encrypted using binary, and can be decrypted by most space vessels used by mankind, as well as spaceborne data centers. Vast chunks of data are lost in the process and have to be retransmitted, extending the ping between a receiver and transmitter to as much as 30 seconds in most cases, sometimes lagging up to a few hours when a single transmitter-receiver node is used. 

Data is sent by Tier V Data Transmitters, located on most space vessels in a primitive form that allows for simple text message communication at extremely slow speeds (a few kilobites per minute). More advanced Tier Vs, sometimes called Ultratransmitters, can send at extremely fast speed (exceeding the data flow per second in all of the UNME by large quantities ). They are used to make internet and other UNICOMNET connections between solar systems.