The House of Esgon is one of the seven royal houses of the Sgesensians. They are the wealthiest and most powerful dynasty of all Sgesensian royalty, as they rule three out of every four Sgesensians. The House of Esgon used to be the most powerful family of Esgihes, and they were named after the planet itself: Esgon, the rulers of Esgihes. Almost 300 living people are part of the House of Esgon, but only about 40 affiliate themselves with the current royal family itself. The current head of the House of Esgon is Alerëun IV, King of Sgesensia Major, the Esgonian part of the Sgesensian State

The House of Esgon traces its roots back thousands of years, with Hgagtik'v, King of Halasge and Hmdara, (the two ancient Sgesensian kingdoms) being the founder of the dynasty. After the Battle of Hara against his rival, Malvisdlez Bëhegoyauz, he founded the kingdom of Sgese, uniting hundreds of tribes. A golden age pursued where science and trade flourished. The wheel was invented, and for the first time in Esgihesian history, a bureaucracy was installed, that effectively made use of taxes to create public works. Hundreds of years passed, and civil war broke out after a famine of four years. The dual kings Kavto and Kolmo were murdered, and their nephew Sgatiz was exiled. The house of Sidendet took power, and Kasunduyu I was installed king. Sgatiz took refuge in the barbarian Magak'v II-ruled states west of Sgese. He quickly profiled himself as a good public speaker, who excelled in rhetorics. After promising king Magak'v II the rich lands of Sgese and bonding with the local chieftains, he amassed a large army to reclaim the former kingdom of his family. In a large naval battle that ended in a storm, the Sgatiz armies were defeated by forces loyal to Kasunduyu. After only two days, Sgatiz struck back and conquered everything of Sgese, except the capital city of Muzhatica in a swift land campaign. When he stood for the gates of Muzhatica, Kasunduyu surrendered, and was promptly executed by his own denizens. Sgatiz took power and adopted the new name of Esgon, ruler of Sgese. This was the start of the uninterrupted reign of the House of Esgon.