The Hularians are one of the five races of men present within the UNME territory. They primarily inhabit their own autonomously governed nation states on New Earth territory. Large communities are present on some of the non-Gana system colony planets. The amount of Hularians living on Moqa is very low compared to the other races.

The Hularians are tall, dark to very dark-skinned people, who hail from Huda, a now uninhabitable planet in the Apollo system. The Hularians are able to prorecreate with all other races. Their genetic pattern is very similar to some human ethnic groups by coincidence. Their genetic make-up resembles the Basque people, leading to a mutual bond between the two groups.

The Hularian population living in a Hularian state, about 60% of all Hularians, is divided over 12 different countries. About 15% lives in Human states, and the brunt of the remainder lives on one of the colonial planets.

The Hularians are characterized by their modern civilization, non-traditional way of living, and easy adaptation to new surroundings. They eagerly took over many elements of human (popular) culture, and have intermingled with the human race to a large extent. Their own technological additions to the grand total of the combined scientific progress are the research on agriculture and logistics which allowed the more technologically advanced, but relatively unstructured and chaotic Human and Moqan civilization to run more efficiently.