The life forms present on UNME territory are characterized by their huge variety and prosperity. Due to the various planets where life originated, not all life forms within the UNME are related. The main branches are Terran, Moqan, Taladic, Huadic, Gheryan, Sgesan, Junoic, Halcyonic and Merythran life forms. These orginated on the planets of earth, Moqa, New Earth, Huda, Gherythidid, Esgihes, Juno II, Halcyon V and Meryth, respectively.

Most branches of life distinguish some form of still species that make use of photosynthesis to produce their food. These are commonly called "plants", although they may not resemble earth-like plants. The species present on Moqa, earth and the planets of the minor societies resemble each other a lot, and sometimes extreme convergent evolution is observed, especially between the animal species of these planets.