This list of inhabited celestial bodies includes all planets, moons, asteroids and man-made objects larger than 1 kilometre across that are inhabited on a permanent and semi-permanent basis. The list is in order of largest population. The brunt of the population lives on two planets: Moqa and New Earth.

List of inhabited celestial bodies by population Edit

UNME Call Sign Name Official Denomination


Size (x earth) Solar system  Population (2198 est.)  Moons
New Earth (Talad) United Nations of New Earth - Gana system 9,540,000,000
Moqa United Nations of Moqa - Gana system 9,160,000,000
Juno II Juno Mandate Juno system 790,000,000
Halcyon V Halcyon Mandate Halcyon system 410,000,000
Merythr Ramasa Mandate Ramasa system 390,000,000
Ares Minor Hemera X6 Mandate Hemera X6 system 63,000,000
Thalassa IV Thalassa Mandate Thalassa system 27,000,000
Valhalla X36 Mandate X36 system 11,000,000
Metis Caerus-Charybdis Mandate Caerus system 8,000,000
New Crete Delta Kappa Mandate Delta Kappa system 6,000,000
Chronos IV Chronos Mandate Chronos system 5,000,000
Vulcan III Vulcan Mandate Vulcan system 5,000,000
Phaeton III Phaeton Mandate Phaeton system
Halasin Halasin-Gutan Mandate Rasenn system
Naebo VII Naebo Mandate Naebo system
Themis V Themis Mandate Themis system
Goethe IV Goethe Mandate Goethe system
Serevi-calsai Loisann Mandate Loisann system
Fantir I Fantir Mandate Fantir system
Persephone II Persephone Mandate Persephone system
Haiwangxing 2nd Chinese Mandate Haiwangxing system
Newton III Newton Mandate Newton system
Falir Athrepa Athrepa Mandate Athrepa
Huoxing a 1st Chinese Mandate Huoxing system
Encke IV Encke Mandate Encke system
Ndaerato II Cochukan Mandate Ndaerato system
Gottfried Galle VIII Gottfried Galle Mandate Gottfried Galle system
Huoxing b 1st Chinese Mandate Huoxing system
Herschel V Herschel Mandate Herschel system
Taeyang-2 IV 1st Korean Mandate Taeyang-2 system
Taeyang-3 IV 2nd Korean Mandate Taeyang-3 system
Tanpa 1st Ubisan Mandate Greater Tanpa system
Taeyang-2 III 1st Korean Mandate Taeyang-2 system
Jinxing 4th Chinese Mandate Jinxing system
Lincoln III 1st US Mandate Lincoln system
Vesta V Vesta Mandate Vesta system
Washington III 2nd US Mandate Washington system
Ceres VIa Ceres Mandate Ceres system
Halley IV Halley Mandate Halley system
Unidad Spanish Mandate Unidad system
Anlinersykenn Fenteren Mandate Fenteren system
Concordia IV Concordia Mandate Concordia system
Magaly III Magaly Mandate Magaly system
Jefferson V 3rd US Mandate Jefferson system
Copernicus IV Copernicus Mandate Copernicus system
Tesyma Tesymla Mandate Devawy system
Hawking III Hawking Mandate Hawking system
Hosoane IV Hosoane Mandate Hosoane system
Galilei III Galilei Mandate Galiliei system
Tesla IIIa Tesla Mandate Tesla system
Copernicus V Copernicus Mandate Copernicus system
Hope 1st International Mandate Sophocles system

rest: 50,000,000