Milinet is a military communication network primarily used by space vessels on active duty. Most of the interstellar data transfers within Milinet are relayed by the Hermes Network through deep space. Milinet is a semi-closed data network, meaning that it is normally not very easy for a civilian to access the network. As a result, much confidential information is sent through the network.

Milinet consists of Hermes transmitters on space vessels and ground units combined with a local data transmitter/receiver unit. The Hermes transmitters are most of the time not capable of exceeding speeds of a couple of kilobytes per seconds, as the transmitters have to transmit over incredible distances through deep space, but still have to be produced in large quantities while keeping costs at a minimum. The local transmitters don't transmit over the Hermes Network, and therefore they can only transmit within the confines of the solar system the transmitter is located at. The local transmitters are capable of transmitting multiple gigabytes per second, and receiving at almost the same speed.

Milinet has several levels of accessibility, of which the exact structure is not known to the public. The shifting between frequencies and raw, unprocessed data make analysis of the information transmitted almost impossible for outsiders. Milinet is considered relatively unsafe in terms of security though, as many people have direct access to at least two tiers of secured data, and because obtaining a Milinet transmitter/receiver with access to more tiers is not very difficult. In the past, proposals for fixed machines that communicate through a more closed, Hermes Network-only (even for local data) system have been made, but never put into practice.

There are close to five million Milinet transmitter/receiver units in existence, that communicate either directly (which is time-consuming but very secure because of the dynamic nature of these connections) or through special server units located on many celestial bodies. Because these server units are also used for Skynet, the Internet and Worldnet communication, the danger of hacking exists. The Milinet network has been plagued by downtime in times of solar flares, for reasons unknown.