The minor societies is an umbrella term for the three races of men that were rescued by the UNME of the imminent destruction of their respective home planets (Operation Prometheus). These races are the Hular race (Hularians), the Mithridhian race (Mithridians), and the Sgesensi race (Sgesensians or Sgesensic people).

The minor societies are all more or less equal to Terrans and Moqans in physiology and intelligence, and are thus regarded as equal by the UNME. Just like Moqan-Terran genetic exchanges are perfectly possible, relationships between members of the minor societies and Moqans or Terrans can result in fertile offspring too. The genetic blueprint differs a little from Terrans and Moqans when Sgesensi are concerned, but this can be fixed by radiological therapy.

The minor societies have their own sovereign states, located on both Moqa and New earth, and they make up a significant portion of the extrasolar (non-Gana colonized planets) colonist population of the UNME.

The Hularians number about 1,740 million. The Mithridians number 550 million, and the Sgesensi 26 million. The Hularians living within the Gana system live mostly in human New-Earth states, but they have their own home states as well, all except one located on New Earth. The Mithridians, on the contrary, live almost exclusively within the borders of their own home states, all located on New Earth. The Sgesensi population of the Sgesensic home state, Danh Sich (located on Moqa, numbers about 7 million. The rest is relatively evenly divided over the remaining of the UNME territory. All of the minor races are over-represented in the colonized planets outside of the Gana system.