New Earth (Moqan lore: Talad) is the new home planet of the human race since the evacuation of their former home planet, earth. New Earth is situated in the Gana system. Together with Moqa it is one of the two planets that originally harbored life. The native life of New Earth consisted of unicellular life, small plants and primitive animals. These species continue to exist, but have dramatically reduced in numbers in favor of species hailing from earth.

New Earth and Moqa have united in the UNME covenant, and the inhabitants of both planets live together peacefully. The two societies colonized many planets in other planetary systems, and they have devised cheap and very fast ways of interplanetary and interstellar travel.

New Earth is subdivided in several nation states, that are derived from their former counterparts on earth, such as France, China and Brazil. Two other races, belonging to the Minor societies, were allowed to settle and found their own nation states on New Earth. These so-called Hularians and Mithridhians were "rescued" from their own former home planets, that were threatened by destruction due to the effects of star shifts.