Welcome in the UNME realm! The year is 2198.

New Earth Wiki is a collaborative effort to create a fictional universe where humanity has left Earth for a new home in a distant solar system. The project includes an entirely fictional society; Moqa, and the new home planet of the Terrans (humans from earth), called New Earth (or Talad according to Moqan lore). Together these two planetary societies, both situated in the Gana system, form the UNME, and are home to five races of men: the Terrans, Moqans, Hularians, Mithridhians and Sgesensians.

Introduction Edit

Astronomy Edit

  • Planets - The planets colonized to mankind
  • Gana system - the Gana solar system and its planetary system
  • Star shifts - Planet-destroying galactic phenomena and the cause of the evacuation of the old solar system inhabited by humans
  • Wormholes - Means of ultra-fast travel

Geography Edit

  • Earth - The old, abandoned home planet of humanity
  • Moqa - The home planet of the Moqans, in the Gana system
  • New Earth - The new, colonized home planet of humanity, in the Gana system

Society Edit

History Edit

Biology Edit

  • Life forms - The different branches of life within the UNME territories
  • Races - The five races of men inhabiting the UNME
  • Wildlife - The wildlife of Moqa, New Earth and other, dependent planets of the UNME