Oranelan is a planet in the Athens 17 solar system. The planet has been colonized since 2197, and has about 8 million inhabitants, mostly Moqan. The name has been inspired by Oporanelan, an Opole word referring to the mythical birthplace of the spirit of reincarnation.

History Edit

Discovery and initial settlements Edit

It was discovered in 2194 by the Chile branch of the SKYWATCHER program. It was classified as potentially habitable, and first published about in Chilean newspapers in 2195. In July 2195, a research team was put together, and was given the task of collecting as much data as possible on the Athens 17 and Athens 15 solar systems. In November that year, they published their findings and submitted a recommendation for colonization of the planet. In 2196 part of the fleet that maintained the life link with the Uluru and Rapa Nui II planets were dispatched to found a settlement on the planet. 

Colonization Edit

After a pilot period of 7 months, plans were drawn to build Oranelan City, housing 6 million inhabitants. As of today, 80% of this potential has been met, and the combined population of Oranelan numbers about 8 million. 

In 2198, the command of the planet was partially transferred to a condominium of Opole, Archvainim, Ondiann and Ersykenn. Milann was excluded after failing to come up with suitable funds to invest in the part of Oranelan that was originally predestined to be colonized by Millan settlers. In February 2198, the Midan and New Kent areas of Oranelan were found to be rich in uranium. A Chinese claim on large parts of the Midan uranium fields was denied, on the grounds that Opole has already started dispatching researchers to that area, in particular the Frisia and Sint Martin areas of Midon.


The Oranelan economy is based on mining valuable ores such as bauxite and uranium. Almost 80% percent of the UNME bauxite production is situated on Oranelan. It also processes bauxite to produce aluminium. Other sources of income include the production of rice and marble.