The Gana-Solar system consists of 12 planets: Gozo, Halim (New Mercury), Chassaigu (New Venus), Moqa, New Earth (Talad), Kinat (New Mars), Ea (God's Lair), Sol, Taramchessai, Betu (Dutu I), Dutu II and Dutu III.

The Moqa and Talad planets are intensively inhabited by humans and similar species, and suitable for life. All of the planets are claimed by the UNME as being part of the Nation of Mankind. People reside on a permanent basis, but in much smaller numbers, on all of the planets except the non-solid gaseous giant planets of Ea, Sol and Taramchessai. The planets of Halim, Chassaigu, Kinat, Betu, Dutu II and Dutu III have a population exceeding 100.

Moqa and New Earth are each inhabited by 8 billion people. The other planets in the Gana-Solar system have a combined population of 3,7 million, of which 98% live on Kinat. The moons of New Earth, Moqa, Kinat and Betu are inhabited as well. The two moons of Moqa have a combined population of 16,5 million, mostly employed in the industrial or mining sectors. The two moons of New Earth have a combined population of 21,9 million people, of which 130,000 prisoners. The three moons of Kinat have a combined population of 92,000 people. Leitha IV, the moon orbiting Betu, has 60 inhabitants, mostly scientists, researchers and military staff.

The UNME has claimed 146 planets outside of the Gana-Solar system as being part of the Nation of Mankind, divided over 119 solar systems. Approximately 90% of these planets are inhabited by fewer than a million people, and more than half have less than 10,000 inhabitants. The combined population of these planets is 1,760 million. The Juno II, Halycon V and Merythr planets have a combined population of 1,590 million. Most of these people live on Juno II; 790 million.

The land masses of New Earth and Moqa are subdivided in a couple of hundred of sovereign states, that together form the UNME. By proxy, the UNME governs the remaining planets belonging to the Nation of Mankind. The UNME has received a mandate to do so, but still some individual sovereign states exercise a lot of power on certain planets. This is mainly due to the homogenous demographics of these planets. For instance, the planet of Mercator III is inhabited by 130,000 people, mainly Chinese citizens. This allows China to use this planet for their own interests.

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