There are five races of men inhabiting the UNME territory. Two of these make up about 90% of the total populace, the Moqans (numbering approximately 9 billion) and the Terrans (numbering approximately 9 billion as well. The other three races are the Hularians, Mithridhians and Sgesensians. These three together are called the minor societies, and number a little more than two billion people in total.

All five races are represented by a community throughout the planets belonging to the UNME, but they have their respective home states as well. The Moqans live in the Moqan countries, on the planet of Moqa. Terrans live in the countries of New Earth, their own home planet. The minor societies have home states on either of these two planets, covering a small portion of those planets. The rest of the UNME planets have a more mixed population. All sovereign states of the UNME have a community of inhabitants not belonging to the major race of that particular country, as the UNME tried to promote a heterogeneous society as much as possible.

All five races can have fertile offspring between them, and they are more or less the same in physiology and level of intelligence.

List of races Edit

Race Origin Physical appearance(s) Number Prorecreation without adaptations with n Most prevalent on 
Terrans Earth, Sol system Tall, muscular people with a range of skin colors and hair types. They have mostly brown eyes. 9,162,000,000 Moqans, Hularians, Mithridians New Earth
Moqans MoqaGana system Medium-sized, muscular people who are predominantly light-skinned and have a range of hair types. They have mostly brown eyes. 9,048,000,000 Terrans, Hularians, Mithridians Moqa
Hularians Huda, Apollo system Tall, light-built people who have dark to very dark skin and a range of hair types. They have all sorts of eye colors. 981,000,000 Terrans, Moqans, Mithridians, Sgesensians New Earth
Mithridians Gherythidid, Thididan system Medium-sized, muscular people who have a range of skin colors and hair types. They have all sorts of eye colors.</small 654,000,000 Terrans, Moqans, Hularians, Sgesensians New Earth
Sgesensians Esgihes, Sgesan system Short, muscular people who have fair or brown skin and tight, curly hair. They have brown or green eyes. 17,000,000 Hularians, Mithridians Moqa