SKYWATCHER is a UNME-coordinated program that is executed by the nation states themselves. It concerns itself with discovering, researching and describing other solar systems and in particular the planets in those system. The aim of the program is to research whether newly discovered planets are suitable for colonization. 

As of 2198, the SKYWATCHER program has discovered tens of thousands of solar systems and planets, and researched more than two thousand planets. Hundreds of them were found to be suitable for colonization. Many of those planets were visited by SKYWATCHER research teams, and published about. This information is used for the actual colonization of those planets.

SKYWATCHER is mostly funded by a condominium of China, South Korea, Britain, Ubisa, Cochuka, Bangladesh, India and the USA. The rest of the funds are paid by the UNME itself. The most active branches of SKYWATCHER are the American, Chilean and South Korean ones. The US maintains many solar spacecraft in almost all solar systems inhabited by men, with the sole purpose of "watching the sky", searching for new planets in the process. The Chilean branch of the SKYWATCHER program occupies itself with processing most of the data, delegating some tasks to other countries in the final stages of research.