The Seventeen Palaces of Men are 17 feats of architecture, build by representants of the Moqan race, considered the greatest on all of Moqa. The Seventeen Palaces of Men are situated on all five continents. Most of them are several centuries old. They include complete cities, a series of bridges, palaces, castles, towers, tombs, monasteries and even an entire country (Lire). The Royal City of Habaseg in Hsulab is considered the greatest, and usually referred to as The City of God. 

The term was coined by the king of Feidhir in the nineteenth century TC. It originally included the Merthir of Gangsa, until it was destroyed. Its place was taken by the Cadaran Mountain City

List Edit

The Seventeen Palaces of Men now includes, in no particular order, the following cities, buildings and other feats of architecture: