Terrans are one of the five races within the UNME. They hail from earth, which was rendered unlivable by a star shift beginning in the 2100s. They are the most numerous of all five races, and also -originally- technologically the most advanced. Usually three main races within the race of humans are distinguished: the Negroid, the Mongoloid and the Caucasian race.

Terrans were the main instigators of the foundation of the UNME, and got the support of the Moqans in doing so. They were also responsible for Operation Prometheus, whereby the existence of more humanoid races in nearby parts of the Milky Way was confirmed. These three so-called minor races were "rescued" from the imminent destruction of their home planets, and given a new place to settle at Moqa and Talad.

Terrans are on average a little taller than Moqans and Sgesensians, of about the same height as Mithridhians, and significantly shorter than Hularians. They are, together with the Hularians, the only race where a portion of its members possess dark skin.

The terran race lives mainly on New Earth. Several hundreds of millions of terrans live on Moqa, mostly in Brichantia and Dhonesia. A significant number of terrans populate the Colonial Planets, but they are (sometimes far) outnumbered by members of the minor races and the Moqans there.