Valhalla is a large, inhabited planet in the X36 system. It is part of the X36 Mandate. Valhalla has a world population of 11 million. The planet is reminiscent of earth, and consists of large oceans with many archipelagos and small land masses. Most inhabitants live on Paero, a large island south of the equator. 

Valhalla is considered one of the most beautiful places known to men, and it is a popular tourist destination. A large part of the population works in the tourist sector. Other means of income are the copper and diamond mining business and the manufacturing of electrical components.

Valhalla consists of the Outer Territories, comprising the empty landmasses around Paero, and the Paero Districts. About two million people live in the capital city, Heavenshore. Other large cities are Portland, Highwood City and Diamond Beach. Most people live on Paero in the Morning Sun Rift and the Great Rift, two large valley-like basins stretching from north to south. Norway and the Netherlands have active national colonization projects north of the rifts, called the Oranjeland and Haakonlandet Colonies. Willemsburg, in the Oranjeland Colony, close to the cities of Copperwood and Concordia City, is the centre of mining activity. Ridgeway and Deephaven Bay, the two largest cities in Blue Woodshire, the region south of Haakonlandet on Paero, are the principal tourist destinations. These sprawling cities are enclosed by majestic cliffs and the Blue Wood, a nature reserve.

Valhalla has two spaceports, one in Heavenshore, and one in Grey City Falls.