Wormholes are shortcuts in space created by travelling at more than 90% the speed of light. They allow interplanetary and interstellar voyages by means of a Hydro-powered Interstellar Spaceship (HIS), the means of transportation used by the UNME and its citizens. There are approximately 1,900,000 HIS's, that use these self-created "wormholes" a couple of million times a week.

Wormholes are not an actual physical entity, but merely a concept to describe skipping parts of a otherwise very long journey by traveling at great speeds, and thus entering a hyperspace.

Wormholes allowed the evacuation of earth and the change of home planet from earth to New Earth. The technology to enter these wormholes requires water as a fuel, and propulsion achieved by an High-Frequent Engine. It was devised by humans, but is used to a great extent by the other four races inhabiting the UNME.